With 5,000 years of continuous use, Chinese herbal medicine is the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Considered potent gifts of nature, Chinese herbs have the capacity to profoundly heal the body and maintain optimal health and longevity–they are both therapeutic and preventive.

Chinese herbs focus on treating patterns of the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and not just symptoms of diseases. Western drugs often control symptoms, but do not alter the disease process, whereas Chinese herbal therapy treats the imbalance underlying a condition’s symptoms. Each herbal treatment is tailored to the individual and based upon a whole body diagnosis.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine heals chronic illnesses such as gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, allergies, immune system deficiency, menstrual disorders and migraines. Chinese herbal medicine also treats acute conditions such as the common cold and flu, skin conditions and pain and trauma from injury. Some herbs are used to increase energy and to slow the aging process. Overall, Chinese herbal medicine maintains the balance of the human body, allowing for optimal health to be achieved. Chinese herbal medicine is a gentle and safe alternative to chemical medicine, because it is made only of natural herbs. Most herbs do not cause any side effects and are extremely safe when administered by a skilled practitioner.

We use only the highest quality natural herbs that meet rigorous standards of independent testing and clinical effectiveness. Our herbs are selected from companies that comply with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) standards, or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements.